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Green Garden Transfer provides Vip Transportation Service with its wide vehicle fleet in Antalya Region with its comfort and reasonable price policy. It is an initiative that makes it possible for the mass, who wants to communicate seamlessly with the supplier through the online website, to reach their goals and wishes. Since 2002, when it started to provide services, it has been serving the airports and hotels in Antalya as the Green Garden Family, which has been providing a smooth and effortless service to its customers both from abroad and from the country until today.
Our company ViP, which absorbs its target audience and provides services that can appeal to every audience as a result of this absorption, has a vehicle scale that offers various services from economic class to luxury class. The company, which expands its vehicle fleet as time passes and as the experience and customer base in the field it provides services increase, and thus makes it possible to deliver a comfortable service to more people, offers every service it provides with the excitement and meticulousness of the first day.
Each of the vehicles has been carefully prepared with luxury interior design. Used by tested drivers. In this context, it is possible to say that Green Garden, which aims to maximize comfort with its interior design, supports this goal with driver expertise. In addition to this, the equipment required in daily life is offered to the person in the interior design of the vehicle, thus maximizing the satisfaction in addition to the comfort.
All of the information that may be required about the vehicles of the company, which adopts a transparent company structure and working method and takes every step focused on customer satisfaction, is available on the website. With the freedom to choose vehicles, people have the opportunity to examine the necessary features and to make a selection in line with these features.
The company, which takes a creative approach in every step it takes, offers 24/7 service by improving the way it works in addition to vehicle design and equipment. It is possible for Green Garden family customers who have a plane and want to be welcomed in this context, to request service regardless of the hour.
Giving importance to communication on a company and customer basis, Antalya Transfer is aware of the need to create a smile on the faces of its employees in order to create a smile on the faces of Gazipaşa Transfer customers. If you need a private vip transfer vehicle to Antalya Region Hotels or apartments, villas, you can contact us.


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